Conversations on Facilitation

Achieving results by using the diversity of the group. Read the introduction by Maureen Jenkins In practicing facilitation, using diverse opinions, we can achieve lasting results with groups. Hence the title: Diverging Conversations through Facilitation – 24 Targeted Cases. ISBN 978-90-78440-72-7 . It is a new, different and international edition of our Dutch book with 24 cases on facilitation. For the video, please visit: why a facilitator?

The book has chapters on facilitation and its relationships with other professions, notably project management. In 24 different cases, 24 different authors from all over the world share one of their facilitated meetings. Every story starts with the (verified) view of the client on the meeting. The final chapters are a Question and Answer, a check list “Do I need a facilitator” and a glossary of terms.

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Preview: Mark Pixley – Shifting into High Gear in China More information on Mark in the IAF Gobal Flip Chart.
Read the introduction by Maureen Jenkins
And this is the Table of Contents.

Our book was first published on September 26th. It was launched in The Netherlands on the IPMA world conference. In Copenhagen, at the IAF-EMENA conference “Facilitation Reloaded’ the book was very well received.