Thank you for visiting these pages. This part of the website is about using the Power of Facilitation or PowerFacilitator. You’ll understand this actually an oxymoron – combination of opposites, like “military intelligence” -, because facilitators don’t posses much power.

Power actually is a paradoxical concept. It’s a useful concept or idea, like in the force of gravity, ectrical power, the ability to make decisions. Being useful doesn’t imply existence. Not like a chair or a desk. Those exist and are useful, as you might be using them. “Power” has no material existence. In fact, when Isaac Newton introduced the concept of “force (or power) at as distance”, he met a lot of resistance. He admitted: “I don’t make up hypotheses”, admitting, “real power” doesn’t exist.

The paradox of power consists of four interrelated paradoxes, important for facilitating: authority, (in)dependence, creativity and courage.

May the power be with you!

In the next pages and coming months, I’ll add contributions on

Power of Facilitation

  • Power of Time
  • Power of Space
  • Power of Metaphor
  • Power of Safety
  • Power of Connecting
  • Power of Sensing
  • Power of Thinking
  • Power of Feeling
  • Power of Intuiting
  • Power of Communication
  • Power of Power