No Guru No Method No Teacher

We cannot live without Method, Teacher and Guru. How else, would you have come this far? Yet, we can also live with No Guru No Method No Teacher. What if you cannot trust your own guru, method and be a teacher. What is your relevance then, dear Who is your teacher? And what is your method? offers facilitation support for facilitators. I can speak as Guru, use the voice. As No Guru, I can listen to your inner guru, channel its voice.

My No Method, as guru, is based on synchronicity. Sometimes I get an answer, before the question. Sometimes you’ve got an answer, but didn’t hear it. And sometimes, just get a card or let it be. As guru I prefer rational methods, like conversation, dialogue and clean language, as well as “so-called” paradoxical methods (the symptom is the medicine).

My teachers are many. The most important one is life. But her voice needs translation. Paul Watzlawick offered this (Pragmatics of Human Communication; The Language of Change). Will McWhinney (Creating Paths of Change). I have to mention Chris Agyris (Strategy, Change and Defensive Routines). And Smith and Berg, off course (Paradoxes of Group Life). And then there are my dear friends, who can overwhelm me with their teachings. I love you all.

Kumaré is a feature documentary film about the time filmmaker Vikram Gandhi impersonated a “fake” guru and built a following of real people. His mother is Indian, so he uses her accent. He dresses in white. And starts looking for followers. He is a brilliant fake guru, as he tells people in their sessions: “imagine I’m not your guru, you are me and I am your own guru, what would you teach yourself?” After his followers told themselves what to do, he did a “blue light”-meditation – is it “light”, is is “blue”?. Most felt very re-leaved. Gradually, he gained a following.

At a certain point, he wants to reveal himself as a “fake”. He cannot. He decides to go away for 42 days and on returning, walks in a denim and a shirt, with his hear cut. Some leave angry. Most stay in touch with him. Some even say he still is a guru, but in denial. Others say he is a guru, but disagree with his method. The lesson is interesting: being a guru works, even if you a belief being a no-guru.