How to deal with paradox?

Life is inherently paradoxical, among others. Specifically amongst others. Change is the only outcome of paradox and paradoxically change is a paradox too. What we can see, is people trying to “solve” paradoxes, paradoxes like I and other (“individuality, identity, involvement and borders”). Or paradoxes about power: authority, (in)dependence, creativity and destruction and off course “courage“. Or how to perceive reality – facts and fictions. As you’ll notice, one paradox will just change or morph into another one.

I adapted a quote form

Dealing with change and paradoxes does not mean trying to think things through and force a resolution into being through action. Rather it means to hold the opposites within one’s being until a path comes into being, emerging from its own nature. Thus is the natural way of paradox. Dealing with paradox is not action – reaction. Dealing with paradox and change rather means a kind of “recreating”.

About Lelie Jan

Met diversiteit kom je verder, wanneer je elkaar beter begrijpt.  Jan Lelie kan helpen. Ik faciliteer besluitvorming met behulp van mijn mind@work methode. Sommigen noemen het agile, anderen lean of serious play. Het zit er allemaal in. Daarnaast geef ik workshops en master classes aan professionals die zelf beter willen faciliteren.
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