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Workshop Methode mind@work – Faciliteren van Orde in Chaos

Wat doe je, wanneer je niet weet wat te doen? Wat speelt er? Wat gebeurt er? Wat valt er dan nog te faciliteren? Met die vragen, heeft iedereen te maken. Hoe ga je daar mee om? Door met de situatie … Continue reading

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Waar staat mind@work voor?

mind@work staat zowel voor Concrete ervaring uit honderden sessies en workshops Betrokkenheid bij mensen, bij faciliteren van workshops, vergaderingen en meetings Gestructureerde methode voor intake, ontwerp, uitvoering en rapportage Metafoor voor de werking van de (menselijke) geest Die laatste onderbouwt … Continue reading

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2 workshops on Facilitating cultural diversity

An afternoon on facilitating diversity with Isabelle Min (South-Korea) and Jan Lelie CPF (De workshop is in het Engels. Ik heb verderop een Nederlandstalige toelichting toegevoegd). Last year, I met Isabelle at the IAF-conference in Seoul and we established a … Continue reading

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How to improve group decision making – Be biased towards bias

Bias is an universal given in decision making. Most drivers think they’re better then average drivers and most decision makers drive cars too. Just like crowded road brings the average speed down and irons out the extremes, so a group … Continue reading

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Only self-organization copes with Ashby’s law

Ashby’s law – complexity begets complexity – is a natural law, like gravity, and cannot be escaped. ALL organizations run into trouble. Either they get stuck, bogged down in rules, systems, meetings and disillusion. Or they try to get “free”, … Continue reading

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Failing to understand Ashby’s law causes disasters

The Law of the Requisite Variety, Ashby’s Law, “Variety begets variety“, governs us all. This law also enforces itself. She self-refers. Complexity, diversity, variety, differences can not be reduced. Reducing means terminating, getting rid of, killing a part of the … Continue reading

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Seven ways to measure the impact of facilitation

Recently I was asked: “What evidence can I produce to answer the challenge of the CEO, community leader, politician, etc. who questions the value of taking a participatory approach at all, who sees it only as a more expensive, more … Continue reading

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Towards conversational evolution is one of the most interesting I’m following. I think it is connected with Antifragility by Nassim Taleb and Homo Deus by Harari. One of its latest post I’ve added these comments. All laws of physics emerge from … Continue reading

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U are reading this

On Quora there was this question: What is the link between mind, brain and consciousness? Here is my answer, with some additions between []. You. You are. You are the (missing) link. And “we” are, that is to say, the … Continue reading

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Configure this. How to guide releasing E-motions in a positive way?

I’ve volunteered to do a workshop at the First Global Conference on Positive Change. Here is the approach. How to change positively? Everything is energy and energy is always conserved. So, systems, by necessity, tend to settle in the lowest … Continue reading

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