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This is another idea

I made a contribution on my substack that might interest you. https://mindatwork.substack.com/p/this-is-not-an-idea Implications for facilitation Go slow – research or investigate the dominant metaphor, the assumptions. Look for the condition to intervene on. Never defend your position. Ask questions – … Continue reading

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Narrational thinking

commenting on https://robertreich.substack.com/p/the-gops-integrity-death-cycle/ Actually, the cyclical nature of nature is …. life –> death –> life –> death —> … You cannot have the one without the other AND they seem to deny each other. It’s the paradox of life: … Continue reading

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Beginners mind – stay confused

“Beginners mind”, in facilitating systemic – self-sustaining – changes you will need more than an open mind, you need “Beginners mind”. The ability to stay confused enables Eigenorganisation to emerge. We’ll talk about in this event: https://tinyurl.com/d49vrbj Ed van Winden … Continue reading

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Move on! No information to be found here.

I noticed an article Systems Community of Inquiry http://stream.syscoi.com/2020/11/29/destruction-of-information-the-performance-paradox/ . I cannot resist to inform you that information doesn’t actually exist. You’re creating (and destroying) information at this very moment. (Ashby – an engineer and psychologist – formulated his Law … Continue reading

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Natural explanation of evolving

Is there a scientific explanation for the evolution from molecules to (wo)men? Yes there is, nature (or, “naturing nature”). The same processes that drives evolving: random behaviour, Brownian motion or ergodicity. Naturally, all processes consist of random behaviour. (Even your … Continue reading

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The driving force behind systemic change

The quest for autonomy. The world seems to be in transition: war in the Middle-East, terrorism, Brexit and independence of Catalonia, North-Korea, unrest in Africa leading to mass migration, the down fall of Venezuela, Brazil, the financial crisis, climate change, … Continue reading

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Surely, a certificate is not a paradox

I’m a bit old-skool. I do think certification is important, for every profession. I took a certification for myself and my Community of Practitioners, the IAF. It is a kind of peer review. There are no objective standards, although I … Continue reading

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Paradoxen in groepen

Op de 10e IAF Nederland conferentie heb ik twee keer een inleiding gehouden over Paradoxes in Group Life, onder de titel: Paradoxen leven in groepen. Voor wie er interesse in heeft: hier zijn de slides in de vorm van een … Continue reading

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Real, reality, relationship

How do we know what is real? I practice “radical constructivism”: a mind invents its reality, because it works. And because our brain works that way. Our brain relates to the environment, what is “real” and uses the relationships – … Continue reading

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Double bind

Vandaag kwam tijdens een demonstratie een mooi voorbeeld van een double bind op. We waren (onder meer) gevraagd een tekening te maken over hoe we onszelf zagen. Daarna werden we verzocht de tekening van een ander te bekijken en deze … Continue reading

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