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This is another idea

I made a contribution on my substack that might interest you. https://mindatwork.substack.com/p/this-is-not-an-idea Implications for facilitation Go slow – research or investigate the dominant metaphor, the assumptions. Look for the condition to intervene on. Never defend your position. Ask questions – … Continue reading

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If you can follow me?

Doubting is normal, thinking is absurd. We try to end doubt, volatility, ambiguity, complexity or uncertainty through thinking. Have some clearity. Unfortunately, it’s the thinking that is introducing these very concepts. You’re not absurd. Thinking is inherently paradoxical. The seemingly … Continue reading

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Complex adapts to complexity

This is part of discussion in Linked-In group Systems Thinking about the definition of complexity Complex as a response to complexity Over a year ago, I was in a session with a very good friend of my, who introduced us … Continue reading

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