Alternative facts are fiction

We’ve got facts, hard facts and fictional facts. The implication of the fact, that the word fact and fiction are derived from the same source, facere, to make, implies that every word is a metaphor, including all lies. Including in this lie has to be a double bind: not only are we deceiving others, we’re also deceiving ourselves. If we would admit that we’re lying, we would tell the truth. And as when we’re telling the truth, we should stick to our lie. This also creates a kind of really unreal reality. We can use our power, to force our fact on others. However, as all power is limited, we can do so only for a limited time.

About Jan Lelie

Jan Lelie faciliteert veranderingsprocessen, bijeenkomsten en workshops. Hij is de vader van twee - volwassen - kinderen. Hij heeft het certificaat Certfied Professional Facilitator van de International Association of Facilitators. Hij iis afgestudeerd in Bedrijfskunde (Informatica) en Natuurkunde (experimenteel, Biofysica). Hij ondersteunt de professionele ontwikkeling van het faciliteren als één van de oprichters van de stichting IAF-Benelux en de vereniging IAF-Netherlands
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