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Alternative facts are fiction

We’ve got facts, hard facts and fictional facts. The implication of the fact, that the word fact and fiction are derived from the same source, facere, to make, implies that every word is a metaphor, including all lies. Including in … Continue reading

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Complex adapts to complexity

This is part of discussion in Linked-In group Systems Thinking about the definition of complexity Complex as a response to complexity Over a year ago, I was in a session with a very good friend of my, who introduced us … Continue reading

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“I was asking myself whether people outside Israel could grasp what it means to be a citizen of a country under global inspection?”

Here is a first, short answer. This question has several answers. Both yes and no apply, but not at the same time. Basically it is an invitation to intervene in interpunction. The question restates the Paradoxes of Belonging. There are … Continue reading

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