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Heinz von Foersters ethical wrote a his imperative ““Heinz, act always as to increase the number of choices”. As we usually try to reduce uncertainty, ambiguity and doubt, this seems contraproductive. In facilitating, one increases choices, as a choice made … Continue reading

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Omgaan met metaforen

Joyce Weber (Werk en Inspiratie) vroeg me mijn werkwijze te beschrijven op een praktische wijze, zoals de dingen in een Blokker-winkel: geen design, maar ook niet zo goedkoop als Action of Zeeman. “IKEA”, denk ik dan: onderdelen om zelf in … Continue reading

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Communication as the problem to the answer

In answer to Groups as complex systems, excerpt from the ‘Social Dimension’ of Gaia Education’s online course in ‘Design for Sustainability’ https://medium.com/@designforsustainability/groups-as-complex-systems-db395f94d370 Biological, living systems and their derivatives (groups) create themselves through self-reference and perform autopoesis. We call autopoesis “complex … Continue reading

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Money expresses the paradoxes of expression

Gene Bellinger – our systems thinking guru – has been inventing a model of economy, in order to understand economy. I added a comment on the discussion there, because i Read: “Gene, If you want to understand economics I suggest … Continue reading

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Leadership and facilitation

Jeppe Lajer asked me: “What do you think a leader or facilitator can do to raise his/her capacity to love working with groups while being conscious of his/her inadequacies?“. The answer is: “I don’t know”. But of course, i do … Continue reading

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What and how on Identity

My dear friend Judith de Bruijn inspired me to start blogging again. I’ll share with you some pieces of my mind on facilitating change with groups and meetings. I’ll just start with the 12 paradoxes of group life. My identity … Continue reading

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Van de week sprak ik met een paar mensen over de Dag van de Dialoog, een landelijk initiatief om buurtbewoners met elkaar in gesprek te laten komen. Het ging er eerder over hoe het komt dat we moeite hebben om … Continue reading

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“I was asking myself whether people outside Israel could grasp what it means to be a citizen of a country under global inspection?”

Here is a first, short answer. This question has several answers. Both yes and no apply, but not at the same time. Basically it is an invitation to intervene in interpunction. The question restates the Paradoxes of Belonging. There are … Continue reading

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