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Alternative facts are fiction

We’ve got facts, hard facts and fictional facts. The implication of the fact, that the word fact and fiction are derived from the same source, facere, to make, implies that every word is a metaphor, including all lies. Including in … Continue reading

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Techniques for engagement

On Linked-In Meeting Architects, I replied to a question on “What techniques do you use to boost participant engagement?” This is NOT a technical issue, it is relational. Engagement is a paradox too: most participants feel a reluctance to participate. … Continue reading

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Leadership and facilitation

Jeppe Lajer asked me: “What do you think a leader or facilitator can do to raise his/her capacity to love working with groups while being conscious of his/her inadequacies?“. The answer is: “I don’t know”. But of course, i do … Continue reading

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What and how on Identity

My dear friend Judith de Bruijn inspired me to start blogging again. I’ll share with you some pieces of my mind on facilitating change with groups and meetings. I’ll just start with the 12 paradoxes of group life. My identity … Continue reading

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EU and the paradox of Engaging

Paul Nunesdea asked in a Linked-in group of facilitators: Do you believe European Union can ever be able to work together as a Team? What would be the opportunities for group facilitators? He added a youtube movie: Yes and no. … Continue reading

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Does a facilitator need domain or subject matter knowledge?

I added my thought to this question. Of course, it here we have the paradoxes of perception and expressing. I chose the latter. As an exercise: answer the question using Disclosure, Trust, Intimacy and Regression. This issue is “subjective” : … Continue reading

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Leadership in crisis

Here is a comment on “Effective Solutions to Complex Challenges are Available Today but Get Stuck. – What is Your Proposal to Get this fixed?” I posted in Leading in a Complex Environment. We have no solutions, but admitting we’re … Continue reading

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Facilitating paradoxes

Ik ben bezig met het samenstellen van een bijdrage over het faciliteren van paradoxen. Zeg maar, het vergemakkelijken van het moeilijke. Kern van het betoog is natuurlijk dat onze wereld inherent paradoxaal is. Niet alleen in taal, muziek, bij Escher … Continue reading

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Paradoxen in groepen

Op de 10e IAF Nederland conferentie heb ik twee keer een inleiding gehouden over Paradoxes in Group Life, onder de titel: Paradoxen leven in groepen. Voor wie er interesse in heeft: hier zijn de slides in de vorm van een … Continue reading

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Real, reality, relationship

How do we know what is real? I practice “radical constructivism”: a mind invents its reality, because it works. And because our brain works that way. Our brain relates to the environment, what is “real” and uses the relationships – … Continue reading

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